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I established iFind Finance because I’m passionate about helping people understand their potential and working with them to realise it.

For years, I’d been a successful Business Change Management consultant, helping people and businesses transition and grow to achieve their goals.  I also have a passion for property, and property investment, and through iFind Finance I’ve found a way to expand my passion into my career.

Having bought and sold a number of properties over the past 25 years, I’ve had first-hand experience in the many challenges that face property owners, from saving a deposit and interest rate fluctuations, to financial setbacks.

I purchased my first property in 1993 when I was a single, self-employed young woman.  Like most first home buyers I went straight to the Big Bank where I’d been a customer all my life only to be told “it would be better if you had a husband”! Through a recommendation from a colleague I contacted a Mortgage Broker who was able to arrange the finance I needed through the bank that had just told me NO!

In 2010, after divorcing I again faced a similar challenge.  I was again a single, self-employed woman looking for finance, but this time with three children. To my surprise and dismay, again the Big Bank that I’d been a customer with for years wasn’t interested in assisting.  So, I again turned to a Mortgage Broker.

It’s these experiences that drove me to turn my passion for property into a career.  Through iFind Finance I’m able to help people realise their dream of owning property by finding the right finance arrangement for each client’s personal circumstances, and staying with them, and supporting them, on their journey to home ownership.

My goal is to partner with you to make your goals reality.


It’s my mission to make iFind Finance the Mortgage Broker that clients
are proud to refer to their friends, family and colleagues.